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Food should be yummy

Food should taste good. Food should be eaten with friends and family, enjoyed and savored. And if restaurants can’t figure that out, why would I give them my money?



 2600 Decker Blvd
Columbia, SC

Chick-fil-a service and quality, but this one price-gouges!

The food is good, the staff is always incredibly friendly and welcoming. I’ve always been pleased with customer service at every Chick-fil-a we’ve gone to. But at this one, the owner has them nickel-and-diming customers, which ruins the experience.

Not only are they charging for water now, when my daughter asks for her salad ($7.19) to have the chicken on the side, they ring it up as a “base” ($5.39) and 8-count nugget ($3.35) — a $1.55 markup. After noting this on my receipt, I asked the cashier about it, and all she could say was that’s how they were instructed to do it — “to cover the cost of the container.” This is a greedy, absurd excuse, PARTICULARLY when you don’t inform customers up-front that the price will increase.

There’s another Chick-fil-a just a couple miles away on Forest Drive. In future, my family will be taking our business down there instead.

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  • 7/29/2013

    _erica_ tried Orient Restaurant, liked it, and rated it . _erica_ liked the food, liked the service, and liked the ambiance.

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