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Avila's El Ranchito Mexican

 2800 Newport Blvd
Newport Beach, CA

We're patrons not party crashers

Been wanting to try Avila’s for quite awhile now. Maybe the other locations runs a better staff , but the staff in Newport made us feel like party crashers. There was no sign that instructed us to seat ourselves, but there was a hostess podium , so we waited …and waited ..and waited with a number of staff passing us by. Finally I asked a server “Should we find our own table?”.. “Yeah go ahead”,as she wizzed by…. Gee Thanks!!

So we found an empty dirty table and waited… and waited… and waited. They finally brought us menus and waited… and waited ..and waited.

Nobody ever apologized or acknowledge poor service, it was kinda like they were doing us a favor by finally coming to our table.

Ok I have to admit their chorizo burrito was yummy, But I think I will choose to spend my money at a restaurant that doesn’t make me feel like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense.

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