1920 Black Rock Tpke
Fairfield, CT


We felt like an inconvenience the moment we walked in. I ordered a salad, however the menu did not list all the major ingredients, (LIKE BIG CHUNKS OF MELON, WHICH THANK GOD I AM NOT ALLERGIC TO) I thought i misread the menu, went to go look at it, sure enough, melon was not listed as being an ingredient. Walnuts and grapes were, and there were 4 grapes and less than one entire walnut in the salad. I politely asked the waiter if they had given me the incorrect dinner, and he said “No, we always put melon in this salad”. The attitude was more like I should have known!. It is important to note that I did not make a heightened fuss over this, the management was aware of it, and not only did they NOT offer a substitute meal, there was no complimentary cocktail or dessert and I was charged in full. No manager came over to apologize, either. The restaurant was at less than 10% capacity and not busy AT ALL. If you choose to go here, which I strongly suggest against, make sure you ask what exactly is in each dish- and expect to be treated lower than dirt. . The menu, although it seems descriptive, IS NOT. I am very disappointed.

siciliano salad w/chicken

JUST PLAIN NO. don’t trust the entire menu for that matter.

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