The Melting Pot

 334 E Mountain Ave
Fort Collins, CO

Poor Customer Service

I hate writing these comments, but unfortunately our society has gotten out of control. To many people, and to many businesses will try and get away with whatever they can because they know most people won’t speak up. I remember a time when something went wrong, customer service was a priority. I remember the days when customer service was such a priority that problems were solved even before a customer had a chance to complain. Back in the day, customer service didn’t stop with the apology but the manager made sure that your day wasn’t spoiled or ruined. Why? It’s because he wants repeat business. On Sunday September 28, 2014 I came in to Melting Pot for the Surf & Turf special. Even though it’s on special you still end up paying $100.00+ for 2 after you pay tax and tip. Our waitress was awesome, she was polite, and friendly. During our meal when we actually got to the surf and turf food, I found a long black hair lying between 2 pieces of shrimp. I informed the waitress and she went back to get me another plate and 7 minutes later my raw food arrived so I can start cooking it. Well I question why it takes 7min. to put raw food on a plate, but I wasn’t in any hurry so I didn’t really care. She apologized and I thought nothing more of it because I expected a nice classy place like the Melting Pot would have done the right thing and take like 20% off my bill or something and the Manager would have come by to apologize at some point. We received our bill and there was no real apology. I mean it’s one thing to say sorry, I appreciate that. But far too often is the word thrown around and people don’t learn from their mistakes. When I am at a restaurant that cost $100.00+ I expect better customer service and I expect not to have any problems with my food. Nonetheless, I accepted the bill and I did not talk to the manager because I was mad. I was showing my girl friend a great time and I didn’t want to ruin the night. So the best thing for me was to leave so I didn’t scream and yell that a restaurant that has no problem charging $100.00+ for 2nd class wine, a little bit cheese, a bowl of salad, and meets that could be purchased at the grocery store for $15.00, should be operating with a bit more class. I don’t think I will come back here ever again. The owner also owns Rodizo’s Grill here in Fort Collins, Colorado. I probably won’t go back there either. I am going to have to save my special moments for “Maggiano’s: Little Italy” based in Denver or stay in town and go to The Canyon Chop House, Macaroni Grill, or even go to Canino’s. I am disappointed that I was able to leave the Melting Pot with the customer service I received. I hope readers out here will think twice in the future what defines a nice restaurant. A nice restaurant isn’t defined by the price, but the quality of the food and the customer service that you receive. If you don’t feel special when you leave, that restaurant has failed.

Fondue for two.

Food was good, Once I finally got to it.

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