Downtown Pizza Delivery

 5339 English Ave
Indianapolis, IN

Pizza & Hot guys

Was out Saturday with some friends. On our way home we stopped in at Downtown Pizza Delivery. They guys in the store were so hot and took their time with a couple of drunk girls who couldn’t make up our minds. They suggested a medium pepperoni pizza & bread sticks.
We took their advice and ordered it. Then the fun begun. We got to sit back and watch the guys make our pizza. They tossed the dough into the air and caught it a few times.
We kept flirting with the guys. They were pretty much professional and handled us with care. Finally after countless times of asking one of them gave us their number. Funny thing is, it was the stores number! Too funny.
The best part of ordering was checking out the guy’s butts and watching them toss the dough. We WILL be back.

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