Bounce Fitness

 8201 Greensboro Dr.
Mc Lean, VA


Bounce Fitness was a HUGE mistake! The owner of the company seemed to be a really nice and cool guy at first, and the company seemed to be a great fit for my hectic schedule. They use a contract system which makes sense to keep us working out. HOWEVER after I signed the contract to “commit” to the sessions I signed up for, I injured my knee about 2 weeks from when I was supposed to start training with them. I’ve had knee injuries before so I need to heal for a really long time. Therefore, it’s logical to WAIT and PAY WHEN I’M READY. But the owner was persistent and suffocating, emailing and calling almost everyday, and even threatened me to a certain degree that if I didn’t start my training and PAYING, I would have to pay a “cancelation” fee for something I didn’t even use! This is completely absurd! I only signed a piece of paper and didn’t even start training yet with them and they’re bombarding me about money! It’s like everything boils down to money! Maybe they’ll be a good fit for you, but whatever you do, DO NOT give them your credit card number as part of the contract! Trust me, they’re gonna go after you like crazy!



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