King Hun Restaurant

 110 S Pendleton Ave
Pendleton, IN

Dont eat here. Save your money and your taste buds.

Probably the worst Chinese food I’ve had in the Anderson area. Thats saying something considering there’s not much good Chinese in Anderson. I read reviews other places and ignored them. One thing said was the fried rice was more like steamed rice with soy sauce. Believe me, it is just that. The General Tso chicken wasnt good at all, heck it wasnt even General Tso chicken. Way too sweet, and horribly soggy. Egg roll just wasn’t good. The crab rangoons were pretty good but they were $2 for 3 small rangoons. $13 total for what was a top 3 worst Chinese Ive ever had. By the way China House in a small town of Winchester Indiana is the best Ive ever had. I get to have it about ounce a month when I go see family.

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