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  • Jun 2013
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Kabul Kabob House

 514 S Van Dorn St Ste A
Alexandria, VA

do NOT go there

First of all, when I came in, the staff talked to me in Spanish, making assumption that I was from some kind of Hispanic countries, which is not the case. I found it rude since we are in the US and people should speak English.
Second of all, one of the staff members who could barely speak English, handed me his phone and he made me talk to a customer on the phone because he couldn’t speak English. Seriously!? I’ve never seen that in my life!
Then, I ordered my food (Aushak, Qabili and Eggplants). I had to wait about 20 min for the food to come and when they brought the food, the Aushak that I asked for wasn’t there. I asked the waitress where Aushak was and she told me “oh we don’t have aushak, sorry we forgot to tell you.” She didn’t even ask if I wanted something similar. How professional is that?
Anyways, I tasted the food and it didn’t taste like real Afghan food. Being from Afghanistan, I know how Afghan food really taste.
At the end of the day, I had to pay $30 for nasty food and horrible customer service with people who can’t even do their job.
So if you’re interested in going there, I don’t recommend this place at all, unless you want to waste your money and have a horrible time.

Palua Kabob

doesn’t taste like afghan food at all

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