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  • Feb 2017
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Zino's Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine

 7040 N Mesa St, Ste H
El Paso, TX


I was publicly humiliated, insulted, belittled, stereotyped, discriminated, yelled at, verbally assaulted, harassed, threatened, and kicked out by the owners in front of about 40 customers. And all because I brought it to their attention that our steaks were overcooked and dry. They did very little attempt to fix this situation. When they finally brought out new plates, they did not even include the sides of the dish. To make matters worse, the server gave my steak that was cooked differently to my friend. I let him know about the mix up, moments later the the owner of this restaurant escalated the situation quickly. The wife of the owner has a horrible attitude and Zino acted in a very aggressive and violent manner in which I genuinely feared for my safety. The group that accompanied me felt the same way. We exited the establishment, where I then proceed to call the authorities. This type of behavior and treatment is completely unacceptable.

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