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i love reading vegan food blogs. i’ve also tested cheeseburger joints in dozens of states and a few countries.


Earwax Cafe

 1561 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

Vegan Friendly, Eskimo Friendly

Pros: The decor is really fun, and the staff is casual but efficient. Our nice waitress let me order off the kid’s menu, despite the fact that I am not kid-sized.

I start with the good aspects of Earwax because I want to say something good about this place, but that good thing will not be about the food.

I ordered a mocha cappuccino, and it wasn’t as hot as I would’ve liked, but more importantly, it just wasn’t very good. Strange aftertaste. And the foam was more like a shield than anything.

Food-wise, I got a grilled cheese sandwich with soy cheese and fries. The sandwich just had a whole bunch of problems – again, it wasn’t warm enough, the rye (?!?) bread tasted too dry (not enough fat in the pan) and the soy cheese was just all wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I love soy cheese normally, but this sandwich needed some sprouts or tomato slices or avocado to spruce it up. Non-melted, lukewarm soy cheese on dry rye bread is just so tragic.

But the thing that got me was the boring fries. The serving was generous, but I got bored after my fifth lukewarm, dull fry. They tasted like the fries you buy frozen in the freezer section of a grocery store.

In conclusion, I’ll probably go back, because I want to support them and their plethora of vegan dishes, but next time, I won’t be shy about asking the server to stick everything – coffee included — in the microwave for 60 seconds.

Grilled Cheese

Not only is it boring, it just doesn’t taste good. No fat on the bread, room temperature cheese, and strangely, rye bread. On the plus side, they don’t charge extra for soy cheese.

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i love birds…



must be a sign of growing tech-savviness amongst restaurant owners…



i like the new avatar, you look very professional :)

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