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i love reading vegan food blogs. i’ve also tested cheeseburger joints in dozens of states and a few countries.


BIN 36

 161 N Jefferson St
Chicago, IL

Too Classy for Me? Probably.

My follow-up review for this restaurant. Read my previous review for this restaurant here

We got seated in the more-fancy section (perch and squid?) but asked for the burgers-and-salad menu. Instead of any kind of disdain, the waitress was totally sweet about it.
Annnd we ate well.

Oh, I should add that I had the “Bubbles” flight of wines (18 ounces of bubbly wines) and I was giggling for hours afterwards. Highly recommended.

Bin 36 Burger

A little too charred on the outside, but still yummy. We all had a moment of humor when the waitress came back and told me they were out of provolone cheese to put on the burger: the restaurant has a cheese bar and an entire cheese menu. It was a mystery.

Bin 36 French Fries

I like medium-thick fries absolutely soaked in oil. These ain’t it. They’re very skinny and crispy rather than oily. And they hold onto their sea salt very well. What can I say? They grew on me.

BIN 36 Caesar Salad (Cellar)

My mom says this is the best Caesar Salad in the city. Not too much dressing, and they lay cheese over the lettuce. And an anchovy.

Raspberry-Chocolate Bombe

One side was a raspberry moist cake covered in dense chocolate; the other was a small chocolate wafer filled with mint-flavored ice. What? Why would I want minty ice for dessert? This is why I didn’t want to eat from the classy menu.



 31 N Pleasant St
Amherst, MA

if the party you're at on thursday through saturday dies ...

if the party you’re at on thursday through saturday dies down, antonio’s is the place to go, ’cause most likely there will be more happy drunk people there than the party you left. there needs to be one closer to holyoke.


Paul & Elizabeths Restaurant

 150 Main St
Northampton, MA

oh, paul & elizabeth's, i love you so hard. you're all t...

oh, paul & elizabeth’s, i love you so hard. you’re all the healthfulness i can’t get in the dorms. seaweed salad? broccoli saute? and you pull it off with such finesse. you’re a badass and you know it. rawk on.


Blind Faith Cafe

 525 Dempster St
Evanston, IL

Break out your Birkenstocks!

If you know Evanston, I don’t need to explain what an aging hippie joint this is. If you’re not familiar with the area, I won’t explain, because I couldn’t do it justice.

This isn’t a bad restaurant, but it is one of those restaurants that gives veggie places a bad name. The decor’s mediocre, the service is mediocre, the food’s mediocre, the desserts are mediocre until you get to the vegan ones – then they’re just plain bad. (I ate a dessert there that consisted of sesame seeds and glue. I literally could not bite it or break it.) Meat eaters then say, “Oh, vegetarianism is boring.” It’s not vegetarianism’s fault: there’s just no sense of enthusiasm or happiness at BFC. If that’s asking too much, I’ll give that sesame glue stick another go.



 1865 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL
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