Crab Hut

 4646 Convoy St
San Diego, CA

Terrible Service - NEVER AGAIN!

My brother and I used to be big fans of it since it was so much fun and wanted to take my parents there last Friday for father’s day. We got there and they asked us how many – we said 5, then another group of people came in a little after us and they had a group of 6. The hostess offered us a table for 4 – which was tiny. I saw a larger table and asked about it and she said we needed at least 6 people. Five isn’t too off from six seeing that it was 2 women and 3 big men (my boyfriend is 6’3" – 250 lbs, he can take up the whole table himself)!! Basically, they were trying to get us to take the table for four so they could seat the people behind us in the larger table which is unfair because eating at Crab Hut is already crowded and messy enough – realistically a table for 4 would only comfortably fit 2 or 3. A party of 5 is not much different from a party of 6. I pointed this out and the hostess just kind of fumbled around for an answer and told us we could wait for a “table of five” to open up. They only had tables for 4 and larger tables (which were two tables of 4 put together) – so what exactly were we expected to wait for? A table of two tables put together to open up? Exactly what was already available?? I really think they were trying to impress the group of 6 behind us simply because they were caucasian (and this is a Vietnamese ran restaurant, I’m Vietnamese so I know how this is) – to be blunt, and I really can’t stand racist service especially from asian restaurants who tend to do this. I’m very big on good customer service – I’d rather have mediocre food and fantastic service than poor service and delicious food. We came first, there was a big enough table – we should have been seated first. If it were a group of 2 behind us , I can understand seating them first IF there were no tables available for a group of 5. Being that there was and a group of 5 and 6 can clearly sit at the same sized table – this was rude and unnecessary of them. So like me, my Dad was pretty furious too and said “forget it, we’ll go somewhere better” – and we all walked out. What a great Father’s Day right? We ended up going to CrawDaddies across the street which actually tasted better anyway! Needless to say, we are DONE with Crab Hut.

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