Sicilian Sun Restaurant

 604 North Maple Avenue
Ho Ho Kus, NJ


The food at Sicilian Sun is good. Not very good,absolutely not excellent, but good. And sometimes good is good enough, especially when you want someplace close to home. And that’s why my family and I have gone to Sicilian Sun many, many times over the past three years. But after our experience tonight, I’ll never go again. Ever. To be blunt, I’ve never had such extraordinarily poor service as we did tonight. The waitress was simply inept, even though she’s been there for years. She virtually ignored us the entire evening, even though the restaurant was 1/3 full. My daughter’s food was brought quickly enough, but my chicken dish took forever. My daughter was finished with her meal before mine was even brought out. After asking THREE times where my food was and being assured it’d be out momentarily, I finally told the waitress to simply forget it. That’s when her obnoxious attitude took over, and she reared her ugly side. I’ll spare you on the details, but suffice it to say she’s the most obnoxious and rude person I’ve ever met. I complained to the owner on our way out, and he was extremely apologetic, to his credit. I’m sure he’s gotten many, many complaints about this woman in the past. Why he keeps her on staff I simply don’t understand. I’ll never go back, and will tell others – including the family that originally recommended Sicilian Sun to us – about what a terrible place this is. Heed my advice – AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!! The food is ok, but life is far too short to be treated the way we were tonight. Read other yelp reviews on this place and unfortunately you’ll see my comments are consistent with those of others. There are many other excellent restaurants in the area that are much better options.

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