Dead End Saloon & Fish Factory Grille

 4907 Fish Factory Rd Se
Southport, NC

Unsatisfactory treatment

I generally never leave reviews but I feel this experience warrants letting others know how we were treated. Our party of 4 adults, 4 children and a 6 month old went to eat on a Monday night to the Dead end saloon and fish house. We were told a 45 min which we were happy about for the area and the holiday weekend. We waited outside and enjoyed the view of the boats. After 45 mins a sweet young hostess came outside to ask if our party could sit separately four at one table and the rest at another table. We asked how long the wait would be for a table big enough for us all, she said she had no idea to come look at the area where the two tables were. After looking at the set up I asked if we could allow our two older girls to sit at a table for two right next to the empty larger table instead they said no that was a different waitress section couldn’t be done. I asked if we could put a chair at each of the table I was told no. I asked ifWe could add a table… again no. These no answers came from what appeared to be the manager she was very short with her response in no way accommodating and walked off several times. I asked the hostess if she had any idea the wait for us to all sit other she appeared just stuck in the middle unsure what to do or say. I told her to just please let us know we have several kids and if we need to go someplace else just let is know now because the wait will only increase else where. We were seated at a table meant for 6 with 4 chairs on each side. I parked my stroller at the end of the table. After placing drink orders the lady mentioned above came over as I’m feeding my daughter a bottle and said she could not have this stroller here. My husband had stepped into the bathroom so I waited for him to come back to the table. At his arrival she rushed back to the table demanding the stroller be moveds. We questioned what the difference The stroller was compared to a highchair. She said if we had a high chair it would go on the side which would push one of the chairs out into the Isle further than the stroller was so that made no sense. Our questioning only made her angry and she actually asked us to leave. We did. I know to her we were replaceable because there were other names on the list but I hope someone will read this and take her actions into considerations. If her true concern was fire code or safety she could have addressed the situation in a much different way. Our group never refused to move the stroller or raises our voice, she however did. Customer service from this particular employee is extremely lacking she lacks all ability to resolve a situation and instead acted very poly in the businesses behalf. Mom’s you know what it’s like to have a baby, hungry children, wait for your table and then experience someone like this. We ended our night at a different restaurant and I’m thankful for our experience there.

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