Coco's Restaurant & Bakery

 11510 East South Street
Artesia, CA

I was given FAKE money back in change

I was given fake money back, I was told I’d hear from corporate within a couple of days, never heard anything so I decided to email them today. This was the response… thought it was very rude and unprofessional to make the remark about the secret service… really over $10.

Hi Astin:

This is the first I have heard about this, are you saying that you went to Coco’s and they gave you fake money while you were in the restaurant you noticed this and turned back to the cashier and they gave you new change or did you leave the restaurant with the money then returned and the restaurant took back the money you gave them?? Can you give me more detail as this is the first I have heard of this experience.

No one at the restaurant should have taken your money, if you were given fake money then a police report should have been filed and a call to the secret service to start investigating.

Please give me more detail.

Thank you,

Susan Sullivan
Operations manager



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