Avenue Deli Cafe

 704 North Ave
New Rochelle, NY

Mike is a thief

Mike from Avenue deli should be arrested. He hides the register behind the counter in a corner so you can’t see what’s going on. The register is supposed to be between the cashier and the consumer. So this alone is a major violation. Nothing in the store has a price on it, another violation. So when he rings you up he overcharges you. Like the reviews before this one say. I watched him for over a year rip everyone off in the line in front of me. For example: rings you up supposed to be $18.00 he will say just give me $20 or $22. When you call him out on it he flips and throws you out of the store. Watch him when you call him out on the price the $2.50 muffin will become $4, the $1.00 bag of chips $2.50 the .99 cent soda $2.75 … He has hundreds of customers a day. Robbing between $500 and $1000 a day … Mike your day of reckoning can’t come soon enough

chicken cutlets

Charges whatever he feels like…

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