Alice Cooper's Town

 101 E Jackson St
Phoenix, AZ

Worst of the Worst

Walked out without being served. The service at this place is abysmal at best. Arrived shortly after the traditional lunch hour. Patio was completely vacant and there were some open seats in the dining area. Waited 5 minutes for the hostess to return to the hostess stand to show us to a table. Sat at the table for 30 minutes waiting for a server. Tried in vain to flag one down. It became apparent that we were not going to be served. Another table of four immediately adjacent to our table had been seated prior to our arrival. No server visited their table either. After 35 minutes, we walked out. No one even said anything to us when we got up and left. Needless to say, none of us will ever set foot in the place again. I don’t know what it will take for Alice Cooper to get of his duff and make some over due staff changes at this place, but this place is a total embarassment. Avoid this place at all costs."


never served!

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