Olive Garden

 2765 S Perkins Rd
Memphis, TN

Vinegarette anyone?

While shopping for a birthday present for my mother in law, my husband and I decided to stop in Olive Garden since it was close and we hadn’t been in such a long time. Upon entering, there was just a brief wait to be seated. We decided to just do something simple so I ordered a macaronni salad. Asked the waitress for no vinegarette to be added, and that I would like ranch dressing for the side. She brought the salad out, and it had ranch on the macarroni salad itself as well as a cup to the side. I blew it off, until I bit into the salad. The vinegarette overcame the ranch dressing it was so sothered. We called for the waitress, explained, and she sent it back and brought another salad out a few minutes later. Again the macaronni salad was made the exact same was as the one that was sent back. I tasted it again, and sure enough, vinegarette again. We addressed it again with our waitress, and requested it to just be taken off our bill. She gladly did so and apologized for the problem.
Pro: quick friendly service
Con: special orders are ignored

Macaronni salad

I’m sure if I wanted the standard salad it would have been fine. I just think it had too much vinegarette.

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