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  • Oct 2011
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China Dynasty

 400 Atwood Ave
Cranston, RI


This was good chinese at one time.We’ve been going here for years. The problem here is the greed of the owner. She is cheap! The food quality has been going down hill last couple years!! My husband & I have noticed more & MORE stale food is being served to us! Even friends of ours have shared the same issue!
It’s a hit or miss joint now..mostly a big miss.

I use to dine in mostly on the weekend,it was good for years….

What i mean is the food is either old and taste like re-heat leftovers now. Or you will get a plate with old food under a little bit of fresh placed on top. Who do they think they are kidding…Like people can’t tell stale and fresh mixed on the same plate.

My husband likes the pork & shrimp fried rice. Problem on our last visit……. There was nothing in the damn rice. Out of a whole large order of rice…There was like 6 tiny chunks of old dry pork and a couple of bean sprots cut into 3s.Who the heck takes the time to cut bean sprouts into halves?? The Teriyaki sticks were dry and tasted like greasy oil. Dynasty wings were mostly a plate of old dry reheated broken boned wing tips under a couple of fresh drumets.Fresh wings are tender and HOT at the bone,OLD wings pieces are dry,tough, and only luke warm at the bone. Really easy to tell when their both mixed in the same order!!
I know there are other Cranston locals who know what I’m saying here.

The thing that really grossed me out…. as we got to the old wings under the fresh ones… They seemed to have bite sized hunks taken out of them. We stopped eating at this point.Egg rolls were ok. Who knows why the bones are broken…very strrange. I’ve never had a plate of wings anywhere where the bones are broken…OLD maybe?? Overly handled?? Who knows! FRIGGIN GROSS!

Time before this we order take out on a friday nite My order was all stale dry re-heated wings under a couple of fresh wings too. Egg rolls were re-fried! Rice was bland and cold with nothing in it.3 shrimps nothing else. General Tso chicken was mushy and tasted old & mixed fresh & old.

The owner no longer includes fortune cookies in take out orders…she will charge extra. They even go as far as to ask each takeout order if they need a plastic fork,which is unwrapped! How cheap are you!!

This place will never see our money EVER again! I’m very insulted thinking that I was a known by them for years,and she knew me & my husband by name.
I guess thats the problem,their to comfortable with the customers. It’s a local hot spot for Cranston locals. They know the locals roll over for them and they don’t try anymore! Very SAD to say…We will not be back!

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