Countryside Market

 515 Yale Ave
Swarthmore, PA

TERRIBLE treatment of customers, food is not worth it.

The food here is very good, with a big selection, but someone really needs to teach the owner that the customer is always right. The service is often atrocious — it seems like they hire family friends or something and then don’t fire them for being terrible waitstaff. I’ve had orders not put in for half an hour, or no refill of water for 20 minutes. What really killed me is that I asked them to warm up a sandwich for me and they refused because it was “bending the rules”. I told them they could just stick it in the microwave — no, that would “ruin the sandwich”, they said, without asking my opinion. And then the owner told me that he had taken the order off, that if I wasn’t going to eat the sandwich in the way they wanted me to eat it, they did not care for my money. Now, this place is good but they make sandwiches — not the caliber of chef that I’m going to let dictate my food. Absolutely terrible customer service, they were very rude, and in my opinion there are enough other places to get great food that it’s not worth it. Try the 320 Market, which is very close, in the area, has great food, and everyone is really nice.

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