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Got a "food for every mood"

Theatrical, bit off wall in philosophies, keep busy, time “flies”. Live/ travel in 42 ft diesel motorhome, see reviews from “all over”, Florida, NC, Virginia, Texas and “who knows where.” Like to go back, give places another chance, update reviews.


Beef O'Brady's

 1070 Wedgewood Estates Blvd
Lakeland, FL

Not Bad

Sports bar with tv’s along the ceilings, lots and lots of tvs, a bit much for us “old folks” but fine for sportsters. Parking a little iffy, had there been more customers, we’d have had quite a walk in the shopping center.
Went to try because of national ad on TV (special burger/fries for about $6). Didn’t catch the part about ‘only on Mondays’ – went on “wrong” day and paid full price (about $13 each). A few weeks later, we tried it on a Monday for the special, could tell that was ‘seniors’ oriented, folks gathering for bingo and burgers. We were leaving as they were coming in, it’s nice for group like that . Anyway, both trips the meals were good (psychologically better at the lower price :) – service was fine. Second trip with all those TVs sound down was a relief for us. Nice enough place for what it is. (sports bar/pub).

Build Your Own Burger

Was good size, they fixed it right for both of us (one with “toppings on top” of the meat, not underneath where the lettuce & tomato would get “cooked” by the heat, and the other with toppings on the side.

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It depends on my "mood" - got a "food for every mood"
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Have lot of cookbooks but only use as reference for ingredients, like to experiment
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