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Got a "food for every mood"

Theatrical, bit off wall in philosophies, keep busy, time “flies”. Live/ travel in 42 ft diesel motorhome, see reviews from “all over”, Florida, NC, Virginia, Texas and “who knows where.” Like to go back, give places another chance, update reviews.


Holmes Hotdogs

 925 Blackstock Rd
Pauline, SC

Qualifies for DDD (Diners, Driveins, Dives)!

This little white building is a “keeper.” Small café, only open for lunch and puts out the “BDHD” (best darn hotdog) you can handle! They’re busy – just get in line and stay patient. Grab a seat if you can, they call out your number when ready. It’s been around since some time in the 50’s and of course has lots of “nostalgic” items you can look at – good ole stuff. The folks are just that “good-ole-folks”…if I could travel around like the fellow on DDD, this would be a for sure stop in the southland!

2 Dogs w/fries and slaw

They pile it on, all the way – tender, juicy dogs – pile of fries and great slaw!
Had a Cheerwine for first time in a long while! still has a good “kick” to it!


Myobi Japanese Steak and Seafood

 4201 U.S. 17
Murrells Inlet, SC

If I Could Only Go One Place !

Actually, this is on US17 Bypass – there is another location at North Myrtle Beach – never tried, but nothing could be any better than the location I’m reviewing! If I were told I could only eat at one place the rest of my life, it would be this Myobi’s! I’m not a “sushi” person, don’t even like to think about it – eels, octopus, squid – whatever – but when I think of Myobi’s Japanese Steakhouse, it’s the charm of the place, the excellent service, the skill of the servor/chef’s that prepare in front of you – the “whole package” – best to make reservation, especially if larger party (more than 4) – we had reservation, only a short wait for table prep. This is a fun, popular place in a primarily “jaded touristy area.” I could go on ranting about it – suffice to say, every time we are in the Myrtle Beach/Murrells Inlet area we have to go and every time we go there I’m “over the moon.” They have locations in Fayetteville, Columbia, MB, MI, other locations in SC and GA – sure wish they would “come back” to central Florida! (heard there “used to be one” around Orlando!

Steak & Chicken

Tender, tasty, delicious – cooked to perfection in front of you (as most of these places do) – piles of rice, vegetables, steak and chicken. There is no way to give it a fitting portrayal – it’s just so good.


Husband was amazed – he’s not one to “experiment”, had to convince him to even go – he was impressed with the place and the food.


Lings Buffet

 4320 South Florida Avenue
Lakeland, FL

Nice Spot for Chinese Buffet & Sushi Bar

We seem to find locations that “used to be” something else. The old Picadilly (long gone) – never went there, so I can’t complain. It’s on the left going out S. Florida Ave. Good parking easy in and out. Ling’s makes good use of the facilties – spacious – rows of bars with (they adverise) 120 selections to chose from. That’s a lot of “stuff”…it looked like they had a little bit of everything and I sometimes go a little crazy mixing flavors. We’ve had some disappointing experience recently with buffets in general – but this was pleasant. Being seated quickly, and fast efficient service on the drinks was very good. I “bring my own chopsticks” – I presume they supply the disposable ones if needed! It was a pleasant experience after we were totally sure all the weather problems were out of the way the other day (Isaac and all). We both had the buffet – next time try to come after 4pm so he can have crab legs!

Beef Dishes

some with broccoli, some with mixed vegetables,

Lo Mein

my favorite is Lo Mein – noodles tender – not too salty/not too saturated with soy sauce…just right

Fried Rice

The fried rice was “chewy” .. not gummy like the white rice .. good mixed with the other “stuff”

Chicken dishes

Seems like everyone prepares “Moo Goo Gai Pan” different ways…this was good – chicken tender.


Jacaranda Hotel

 19 East Main Street
Avon Park, FL

The Jacaranda "Lives"

The Hotel Jacaranda & Restaurant/Dining Room is an elegant, beautiful, delightful experience – It was built in the 1920’s and from what we’ve been told (and looked up on internet), over the years it catered to locals and many famous people of the times. It’s “old world atmosphere” took my breath away the first time I entered – just being in the lobby of the hotel gives you a feeling of gracious-times gone by – if you’re tuned into it, you can feel the presence of those that passed through the doors. For several years we made the trek from Bowling Green, FL to Avon Park at Thanksgiving and Christmas for the “Holiday Grand Buffets” – amazing – delicious – unbelievable -there are not enough adjectives to pay the proper tributes to this marvelous place.
Some time in the 1980’s, a State College Foundation took over to help preserve this historic icon – and restore it to it’s early history grandeur.
I can say the preservation has done it justice – and the Hotel Jacaranda Restaurant/Dining Rooms are wonderful. The food is more than “good” …they take the same items anyone can “cook” and make you think you never had it before! The summer menu is in effect now, – sandwiches and specials Monday through Friday and the Sunday “Grand Buffet” – the winter “Season” is expanded. has more detail. It’s casual dining in an “elegant setting.”
To get the full effect, during summer schedule, the Sunday Grand Buffet is the best bet. We were over there during the week and the lunches were “limted” but excellent. We’re looking forward to going back for the Sunday Grand Buffet soon. She said it was “just like it used to be” – good recommendation. Excellent service “just like it used to be”…

#4, Roast Beef (sandwich plus one)

There ten or eleven choices of sandwiches plus one, also a daily special. We both had the #4 Roast Beef with potato salad as a side – excellent choice – tender roast beef, good flavor – the potato salad was enjoyed too.


Andy's Restaurant

 703 3rd St Sw
Winter Haven, FL

Good Day for Good Stuff

This is another one of those local places that’s been around for many years – it’s developed a faithful following as well as new blood filtering in. Sitting on a curve on US 17 in Winter Haven, at certain times of the day, you can’t get in the parking lot and the line is out the door. That was the case about 1 pm, so we went to do other things and came back at 3. Still busy, but had calmed down some. Lots of regulars (you can tell by the casual “we’re at home” expressions on faces and the fact that they greet each other. Booths and tables, kind of homey – friendly waitresses. Overall pleasant experience.

Big Burger Basket

There were several size choices – this was a good one since I was very hungry! Generous size meat and all the toppings I requested (they did forget the onions but brought a side to add) – did have to ask them to put the “toppings on top” (not on the bottom—didn’t want “bottomings”). A lot of places do that now and it makes the bottom bread soggy and fall apart and it just doesn’t taste right if can’t bite thru the toppings first! (been round and round with Hardee’s and others about that! – Hardee’s said they did a survey and people preferred on the bottom – well, they forgot to ask us!!) French fries and slaw with it, it was dee-licious. Great value for the $$.

Medium Burger Basket

Husband felt same about his slightly smaller version – actually he got more fries with his (but I snagged some!!)

Banana Split

Husband said best Banana Split he’s had in years – 3 generous helpings of icecream on the bananas with all the “stuff” on top served in the banana “boat”!


Maverick Motel Restaurant & Lounge

 808 W Main St
Lander, WY


Scrumptious – this is a word I don’t normally use – without looking it up, to me it means: “plentiful, delicious, well prepared, unbelivable..” and every meal we’ve ever had there was just that. Breakfast, omelettes overflowing the plate and cooked just right – with the tastiest sides – bacon, sausage, steak, fried potatoes, biscuits or toast; Lunch: burgers, meat and veg’s, sandwiches – whatever you want, again “just right” …and OMG the Prime Rib – different cuts – thick/tender/cooked the way you want it (melt in mouth!) – there is nothing lacking – casual, comfortable atmosphere, lots of locals – tourists drift in if they’ve heard about it – Nothing like it except for Diddies on the Interstate going west toward Rapid City – it can fight for title of “best in show”!!

All the above

As described in the review – were there several months tried it all times of day and evening. Can’t be beat.


Nick's Spaghetti & Steak House

 1440 George Washington Mem Hwy
Gloucester Point, VA

Don't Have to Cross the Bridge for Good Food Here

Lots of fine restaurants in Norfolk and Newport News and other areas “across the bridge”, but for good spaghetti and steak, Nick’s is right there it’s your best bet in the area! The steak was cooked perfect and the spaghetti and sauce with it was excellent – tasty, fine flavor sauce and the spaghetti noodles were just right. Sometimes noodles are cooked too done and turn to mush, sometimes not enough and taste like fishing line! These are perfect. You don’t have to “cross the bridge” for superb cookin’. Good service, reasonable prices, every time we’re there, we gotta go to Nick’s!

Steak & Spaghetti

It was real treat – steak plenty thick, not bloody, just kind of med. rare and had great flavor. The spahetti has excellent sauce with real good flavor and just right noodles.!


Angelo's Steak & Pasta

 2311 South Kings Highway
Myrtle Beach, SC

Really Great Place

We’d heard this was good place to go and had put it off for awhile, not really sure why. I can definitely say the food was worth the wait, The atmosphere was pleasant – the usual soft lighting, comfortable seating. We were seated quickly and waited on in excellent manner, not too fast, not too slow, actually the service was excellent. Hard to find a place with all in one, even the pricing was in line with today’s expectations. As the restaurant name suggests good to start with “steak and pasta” … No complaints, just plain great.

Steak and Pasta

The steak was thick, with the flavor you expected from perfectly cooked — and it was just right, the pasta was perfect as well.


Palenque Grill

 606 E Expressway 83
Mcallen, TX

Excellent All Around

Outstanding service, great food, reasonable prices. The wait staff is always right on it, and couldn’t ask for better. The food is always just right in preparation – tastes better than it looks and always looks wonderful. The prices for what you get are more than reasonable. Palenque’s will always hold a special place in our hearts and eating habits. Don’t miss out on it – when we’re in the Mission McAllen area, we would not miss it!

Enchiladas, Fajitas and more

Everything we’ve tried is excellent. Flavor just right – consistency of the food is always top notch.



 3700 Lakeside Village Blvd.
Lakeland, FL

Better than average for central Florida

Certainly beats the other chains (the “tikkki-tikki-taco bellz” and all). Not as good as the old Don Pedro’s, but it went away. Not as good as Palenque’s in McAllen, TX but that’s hard to beat. For this area, Abuelos is tops. You walk into the main room, open with lots of tables – it’s like the old style family “great room” where everyone congregates, even tho the tables are separate and spread out, you get a good feeling. The service is excellent, every dish we’ve tried has been perfect and delicious. Worth going back again and again.


I’ve tried various combinations – all tasty, none “offensive” (not oversauced and none tooo spicey. Husband doesn’t care a lot for “mexican cuisine”, but even he likes this one. Excellent value for the money, and nice atmosphere.

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