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Top of the Bay Restaurant

 898 Oakland Beach Ave
Warwick, RI

great chefs great food great view what is missing? Nothing

Great food and wait staff right on the Beach great views are yours and you can see like forever. Walk across the street to get seats on the beach.
Place across the way is good but I do not like waiting in a line of up to and over 100 people with a dining room that holds maybe 40 people. where do the other go to eat. In the car or on the beach I guess.Ok for a burger or something small.
However for a good meal and you can sit down at a real table on real seats either downstairs or upstairs I prefer to sit thank you.
The chefs here are the real deal and dining is an art to them.
The food is very good and prices are very fair.
So bottom line is Top of the Bay is a good place for lovers,or a family event. The quality is by far the best at the beach area.
It has parking as well.


fish broiled with side dishes and salad
Steak broiled with side dishes and salad


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