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Food, glorious food!

I am vegetarian, enjoy good, quality food, like to eat organic & local. I like to go out for food that I CAN’T make myself.
I’m fussy at times, and also have had a turn in the kitchen in a few of my jobs.


Old Spaghetti Factory

 10220 103 St NW
Edmonton, AB

A lot for a little...

I’ve visited the old spaghetti factory a number of times, both at west edmonton mall and downtown. Both locations have a comforting, rustic, and historic feel, and feature some pretty cool decorations.

When you order, you get the “its all included” deal, so not only do you get pasta, but you also have your choice of soup(a big bowl of minestrone) or salad (a kind of pale mostly lettuce concoction, nothing too great), bread, spumoni ice cream, and tea/coffee (but for the latter, you usually have to ask for as they don’t seem to offer you it straight up)

The pastas are really, quite good. You sure are full when you come out of there. Waaay better than east side mario’s

Vegetarian Lasagna

full of lots of veggies, and cheese. yumm.

Spaghetti a la Homer

Just a big pile of spaghetti, cheese (some kind of sheep’s cheese i think) and butter. Simple, but very good.

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