Golden Corral

Colorado Springs, CO

The Worse Buffet Ever

My family went to restaurant @ 3pm,thinking we would miss the dinner rush,wich we did but the food was awful!What wasnt empty was dried out.I didnt exspect to get dinner items,I exspected to get fresh eatable food.There was no Chix,potatoes were awful,there was dried nasty mac&cheese,yams,carrots etc.I could not find a single edible dish.Was told they wouldnt replace or fill most items until almost 4pm.Manager only suggested giving discount on next visit,NEVER AGAIN will we go there.We have been going there for 8yrs. at least.Have never been so disappointed as today.Also,staff was rude walking around on cell phones,taking breaks next to customers being loud shoes up on chairs and all.Tonight was the third time we have had this experience and the last.


Dried old and inedible

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Becca reviewed Golden Corral