Gram & Dun

 600 Ward Parkway
Kansas City, MO

Gram & Dun

My wife and I have been waiting for weeks to experience Gram & Dun on the Plaza, here in KC. Each time we have gone, it has been a 2-hour wait. We always chose another location due to the wait time. This place is the hot spot of the Plaza, or so we thought. Well, this past Friday we braved it up and went to the bar when the nice host told us it would be 1.5 hours for a table.

Once at the bar I ordered a glass of chardonnay for my wife and a glass of ice tea for myself. After settling out the bar tab I took the wine to our waiting table and returned for my tea. After waiting a few minutes, I caught the bartender’s attention and reminded him I had not received my tea. He looked up my order and said he did not charge me, so he must have not “rang it up”. I told I would go ahead, order one, and pay for it. He looked at me, said, “It will be a few minutes”, walked to the other side of the bar, and started wiping the counter. I then returned to our waiting table, enjoyed the next 20 minutes conversing with my wife, and eventually forgot about the tea.

At the 20-minute time, we received a text that our table was ready. Wow, we were happy to hear that. We approached the host counter and waited until they sat approximately six different couples that kept coming in off the street. Finally, we got wise, took our glass of wine, and pretended as if we come in off the street; “sure enough” the nice host waited on us and took us to our table. While being seated I asked her why it only took 20 minutes and not 1.5 hours, as we were told. She explained they tell patrons that so they do not get upset if it is too long, to be seated. (Remember, we have been coming in here for weeks, to only leave and go to another establishment to avoid the long wait).

The meal was ok, but the other theatrics all but distracted us from truly enjoying it.

Once we settled the bill, I noticed there were drinks added to my bill that we did not order. The waiter said he must have added the table nex to us drinks, to our bill and he would cancel (void) our credit card receipt and reprint it. When I received the final receipt, they brought me the the original and the new one. The original hadn’t been voided. I then asked for an explanation and the waiter sent the manager. The Manager told me they hadn’t processed this transaction yet so they didn’t need to void it. He said, "if you have problems with your statement please feel free to come back and we will correct it.)

I kept all the copies and wrapped them with the manager’s business card so we can wait until Visa tells us if we are charged the wrong transaction or not.

Overall, this was a less than enjoyable experience for both my wife and I. Not only was we disappointed with the bartender, hostess and dining experience, but to leave with the feeling that our visa statement may show us that we were charged for the extra use of our card, just to correct a mistake acted upon by Gram & Dun is beyond belief.

If you want an evening of mere disappointment, I would highly recommend this establishment.


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