KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

 10790 Washington St
Northglenn, CO

Never go on Sunday nights

This KFC is my typical place but this time I went at 9pm on Sunday night. Closing is 10pm. While there some woman who had bee served before me came back in extremely angry. The manager soothed her and she went back outside to wait for her food. The manager brought out her food which the woman promptly brought back in and just demanded her money back.
I thought the woman was over reacting. Apparently she wasn’t. I got a double hamburger which was over done and dry, chili cheese fries which were cold and hard, a breast dinner where the chicken was hard and cold, the outside almost an exercise in chewing and the potatoes were stuffed into the container with just a dribble of gravy and tasted like they made them with little liquid to mix them up with. The roll was even hard and apparently had been sitting around quite a while. The only things that were eatable were the cheese curds and A&W root beer.

1 Breast Meal

chicken was cold and tough to eat, the breading was almost too hard to chew and the potatoes (which I typically liveeeeeeee for) were aweful… they tasted like they hadn’t been mixed properly and were stuffed into a container without much gravy.

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