China Moon Carry Out

 9 W Ridgely Rd
Lutherville, MD

This Place Sucks

The (wo)man (the one that looks like a 12 year old boy) at the front counter is rude with a smile on her face. I went to pay for my food and handed her my credit card. S/he said, “You don’t have cash?” Although I wanted to slap her, I didn’t. It’s 2017, I am paying the way I want to pay. They are so cheap, they just do not want to pay the small fee to Visa. They give you those cheap napkins that stick to your fingers. I asked for a few more and it was obvious how much she didn’t want to give them to me. She didn’t give me any sauce. I asked for soy sauce, she said “1 or 2?” At this point I am annoyed, so I said “you know what, give me 3.” I had a small piece of trash I needed to throw away. There are no trash cans outside nor do they have one inside for customers to use. She said they don’t take trash. I left it on her counter, so she didn’t have a choice but to take it then. Moral of the story, China Moon can go right back to China. Their food is not good enough for them to act like you can’t use the trash can, they can’t accept plastic payment, you have to beg to get sauce for your food, they can only give you one napkin after eating their greasy ass food.

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