Outback Steakhouse

 2219 SW 74th St
Oklahoma City, OK

1st Time

I was very pleased with the steak. But I have to say not so with the service I got. I sat at the bar, the bar tender took my order along with man beside me. A server brought the man next to me his bread and butter and his salad. The bartender finally gave me my drink. All ice hardly no drink about a inch from the top. I decided then I did not want another one. The man next to me recieved his food. Then I waited and waited. I noticed little children at the bar. I thought " Isn’t that illeagal here in Oklahoma". Finally I got my food, No bread. The food served did not look like the picture on the menu. I asked for bread. I ate my food. Still no bread. I asked for more bread. The waiter was very uncareing like he could care less one way or the other. I came home feeling very unsatisfied.

Outback Special (6 oz.)

I was pleased with the flavor but the steak and crab legs was not the same as was on the menu. Steak is round on menu mine was rectanglar and very small, Crab legs were 3 very small skinny ones nothing like pictured on the menu. The flavor of the food was good but I felt like I got very little. And again no bread.

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