Nonna's Pizza And Restaurant

 11 Franklin Street
Mahwah, NJ


I don’t want to give this place any stars. I have an autistic sister. We went in as a family the tuesday after hurricane sandy hit and we were four out of 6 customers in the place. They treated us well and the food wasn’t bad. My sister who has a limited palate ate so we thought this was a place we could return to that she would like. Well when we went in there the Saturday after the hurricane, one of the men who worked there (not sure if it was the owner, manager or worker) walked over to us when we were still taking off our coats and sitting down and said (pointing to my sister) “is she going to be okay because if she is going to make her noises i’m going to have to ask you to leave. i have other customers to think of”. He also suggested to place us at another table in a separate section away from others. I was appalled, shocked, and disgusted. Would they turn away a mother with a baby or small child because they might have a tantrum? Of course we immediately left and never will return. This place discriminates in the worst way and should be shut down immediately.


When we ate the first time – it wasn’t bad. Nothing special. But they are disgusting people and should be shut down.

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