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In love with all foods from the sea, garden, orchard, or that contain shocking amounts of butter. Several chocolate desserts have won my heart also.(But no excuses for overindulgence – if you eat the calories, burn em! Your good health is your fortune.)


XXX Rootbeer

 98 Ne Gilman Blvd
Issaquah, WA

Only go if you love to have fun!

XXX Root Beer Drive In is THE place to be if you have kids, teenagers, or you’re just a kid at heart. The massive burgers and giant shakes on the menu are part of the reason folks go, but the great jukebox music, burstin’-at-the-seams-with-auto-nostalgia interior, and extensive outdoor seating are what really draw the crowds. Oh and don’t forget the root beer – it really is the best. Their burgers are a bit more about quantity than quality, so if you’re a real gourmet beef burger connoisseur you might be a little dissapointed. This is based on what friends I’ve had lunch with at XXX have told me – I don’t eat red meat, so I usually order the Elvis, described below, and a root beer, which are both consistently good. This place is a good time year ‘round, but the summer is the most fun, sitting outside in the sun at a table under the big XXX sign with a yummie shake, and green mountains all around. Feels like summer vacation all over again!!
(Also – check out their website for the weekend car shows XXX hosts – they happen almost every weekend of the summer.)

Elvis Blue Hawaii Burger

The Elvis Blue Hawaii Burger is serious comfort food – an oversized delish chicken breast/pineapple/lettuce/tomato/cheese/teriyaki sauce/mayo/XXX dressing combo burger. Comes with ham too, but I don’t eat red meat so I skip it. The “piston fries” (onion rings) it comes with go down fast too. Mmmmm…

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