Hamburger Marys

 101 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City, MO

Hamburger Marys needs to close

My partner and I went to Hambuger Marys on 12/28/13 for lunch. It has been 2 years since we had been there. We decided to give this establishment another chance. Our experience in the past was not good. Unfortunately on 12/28/13 our experience was that of utter disgust.

There were 2 tables already seated and served when we were seated. That makes a total of 3 tables of patrons. Not to busy at all. My partners ice-tea was served without ice ($2.50). My draw of beer was warm with no frosted glass ($4.50). We ordered our food and waited and waited and waited. No other customers came in. Remember only 3 tables of patrons. Nearly 30 minutes later our food comes out. We ordered the Hambugers. The buns were not grilled as they should be. They were cold. My onion rings had a hint of heat that lasted about 30 seconds. My partners fries were served room temperature. It was a disaster!

Who ever owns this establishment apparently does not have a restaurant focus. Maybe you should just have a night club and give up on the food part. It is pathetic.
We will not be back and one further comment. The bill came to $34.52 something like that, I gave $40.00 to our server who said he will return with the change. Instead of the change and a $5.00 doller bill he came back with the change and $1.00 bill. I advised him I gave him 2 – 20 dollar bills, and that my change should be the change and a $5.00 bill. He apologized and got me the $5.00 bill. He said the $1.00 was in the $5.00 bill slot in the register. Simple mistake or trying to grab more money from the patron? Your guess is as good as mine.

I did leave the $5.00 for the tip.

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