Jose Muldoon's

 5710 S Carefree Cir
Colorado Springs, CO

Two out of Three Not So Good

This was our third time at this location and the last two were disappointing. The first was 4 stars, the second was poor (food was cold) and this was also poor. The menu did not specify whether two enchiladas and two tacos were shredded or ground beef and being accustomed to getting ground beef (which we preferred), we did not state our preference to the waitress, nor did she ask us. What we received was chewy and luke warm shredded. After receiving our order we noticed that a similar menu item did offer a choice between shredded and ground. I also had no way of knowing if the total cost of the meal was correct as I was not given a receipt specifying the items ordered and their cost, only the total amount. All in all, a disappointing meal and probably the last at Jose’s.

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