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I didn't order glass in my tire



 260 Linton Blvd
Delray Beach, FL

I didn't order glass in my tire

Let me drive over glass at their pickup window, got a flat tire.

I went through the drive thru yesterday and was next to go to the food pick up window. Saw an SUV and the driver and Wendy’s manager were outside of his vehicle ahead of the drive thru window, taking photos of his car and then the manager came and took a photo by the drive through window. The car that was there left and I pulled up. Immediate I heard the distinct crunching of glass under tires. I asked the worker who was in the drive through window who handed me my food as I pulled up if I just ran over glass. “Yeah,” was her response, “it just happened.” How in the world did two Wendy’s employees, including their manager Christina, think that there was no need to stop vehicles from driving over this huge amount of glass. The manager was standing there taking photos, did she not think to maybe flag the car infront of me or myself down and ask us to pull to the side and avoid the area? Could she not have instructed the attendant that was waiting at the drive through window to put her hand out and motion for the cars to stop?

Needless to say, on my 38 mile commute home last night I got a flat tire on 95. I think I also should mention that I recently had a spinal fusion and am in a neck brace and cannot lift anything over 10 lbs. Real great that these yahoos and their carelessness, poor customer service and just lack of care for other human beings but myself in such a horrible situation all for a cheap lunch! Wendy’s was the ONLY fast food provider I ever was a patron of. Never again! I am so incredibly disgusted about the way that I was treated, the lack of care and the extreme damage, inconvenience and possible danger that I was put in by this company.

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Bocamktg reviewed Wendy's