Romio's Pizza & Pasta

 16801 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA

Ok Pizza; Terrible Online Service

In hindsight, I wish I had not accepted the delivery.

The pizza itself was Ok (I had the Romio’s Special), and the garlic bread wasn’t great but not too bad. The problem is that they offer online ordering, but the prices don’t match up with their actual menu. My order came to just over $18 after taxes and a $1 delivery charge, so I had $21 ready to cover a tip. The delivery person gave me a bill for $23 which was over 30% more than the original, and shrugged off the difference due to out of date online menus.

I paid the $23 (after going back for my wallet) only because I had been travelling all day and this was my first real meal. I wish I had sent it back because it’s sleazy (and probably illegal) to advertise one price then charge another.

To make it worse, I called to voice my complaint and was put on hold when I asked to speak with a manager. The call was eventually disconnected before I spoke with anyone. I filled out the online feedback form, and my e-mail bounced back because their address was invalid.

If you order, I reccomend you don’t do it online. Call and get confirmation on the actual price. I won’t be going back myself.

2. 10 Inch Small Romio's Special 6 Slice Pizza

The pizza wasn’t too bad. With better service I would have ordered from them again.

Garlic Bread

Drenched in butter and cold. I guess you expect it from a random pizza restaurant, but I prefer real garlic, moderate butter or oil, and hot.

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