Pollos A LA Brasa Mario

 8850 S Orange Blossom Trl
Orlando, FL

Ex future customer

Its very sad that being all latinoamericans there is someone who thinks is an insult to be confused with a puertorrican being Colombian.
I am visiting my friend in Orlando in a couple of months and she suggested to visit this restaurant, however, after reading the comment from this person stating “Don’t insult the Columbians with such an insult”, because someone wrongly confused the restaurant with being puertorican food; I told my friend I don’t feel comfortable going to a place where I AM AN INSULT.
Here are two things that are wrong about this person’s reaction:
1) Not all puertorricans are bad as well as not all Colombians are Coke dealers. I know a few here in PR who are great people an even married to puertoricans.
2) If you are located in Florida there is a very good chance that more than half the customers are puertoricans, so making such remarks could lead to losing many of them, for instance…ME.
Even my friend, also puertorican, who though the place was great, told me she was disappointed when read the comment on the information tab of the restaurant.

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