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Bocconi Restaurant

 363 Essex Street
Hackensack, NJ

Ammonia - in your Food. Run.

Having dinner with friends at a nice venue is an event I look forward to and want to have a thoroughly good time. I had dinner at Bocconi Restaurant this past Saturday. Very busy – this is typically a good sign of good food. Unfortunately, it was very noisy. We got seated right away – having a reservation the table was ready and waiting. And that is exactly what we did for the next 30 minutes. Seated at the table ready and waiting for a menu, waiting for server, waiting and waiting. Finally some bread landed on the table! Not a menu though… Bread – blah, yuck. But I was hungry, so ate it.
The best is yet to come! The fish tasted a bit strange – like there was ammonia or something in it. So I put it to the side and only had some salad – which was pretty good.
The manager came by and delivered a horrific confirmation – That they use ammonia in their fish tank! He assured me not to worry that it was perfectly safe to ingest. The last I checked ammonia is a poison! Humans are advised to contact your doctor or poison control if consumed. Oh, No. I just wanted to run out of there! The manager charged me full price. He felt obligated to get paid in full after poisoning me!
I am writing this review to warn people – If you are concerned about your health – DO NOT eat here! Choose the right to live path and go anywhere else. If you don’t care about your health, Happy eats. 
If you’re the management of this place – You owe me a refund. You owe it to your customers to never use harmful products in the preparation of food. The health department should shut your doors!

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