Hurricane Grill & Wings

 2202 Se Veterans Memorial Pkwy
Port St Lucie, FL

Horrible Owner! Will never Eat here again!

Was sick in bed and my mom was at Hurricane Grill so I had her order my children, husband and I the 20 piece sampler with the sauce on the side. We eat at Hurricane grill at least once a week for the last 4 years. Jeff was always the owner we dealt with and have never had a problem. When the food came the sauces were all over the wings mixed up in one box. I handed my 2 year old one of the teriyaki, not realizing it had been mixed with my husbands Category 4 super hot wings. I wasn’t planning on complaining until I realized how upset my son was that he couldn’t eat any. I called them up and nicely explained what had happened. Kimberley was the “owner” who answered my call and said I would have to bring back every wing to prove they messed up and that she would only replace what was left. I asked to speak to the manager because of how rude she was on the phone and she proudly said she was the owner. When I got there to pick up my order I tried to explain what was messed up and she kept talking over me. I explained, all she would have to do was fix the order and I would be gone and that is was a real inconvenience to have to load up my whole sick family to get the wings replaced. She said “well maybe you should go tend to your kids” and then threatened to call the police! I have never in my life had an experience like this and I WILL NEVER GO BACK THIS HURRICANE GRILL AGAIN!

207. Twenty (20) Piece Bone-In Wings

asked for sauce on side…came all mixed together…asked for a replacement with sauce on side and was met with the most rude customer service I have ever experienced. Was told I would have the police called on me because she wouldn’t take my correct order. Never once did I raise my voice nor was I rude.

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