Vietnamese Cuisine

 4701 Peoria St
Denver, CO

The Best Vietnamese

This place is a family tradition, 20 years me and my family have been going there. It’s small, quiet, and the guy who owns it treats everyone great. Their spring rolls are the best I’ve ever had, no one can touch the flavor of his pork/beef too. Go for the rice noodle bowls – they’re big, not expensive at all and all the veggies and crisp and fresh. This is literally the best Vietnamese food I’ve ever had!

Combo Rice Noodle Bowl

This dish can easily feed two. Pork, beef, chicken, shrimp and cut-up egg rolls on a bed of noodles with the best sauce (he mixed it himself for our table) and delicious, crisp veggie to top it off. Mix it all up and go to town! Sooooo delicious!

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