Jerry's Pizza & Barbecue

 11749 Livernois Ave
Detroit, MI

Rubbery calzonne, dry pizza and chicken

If this is the best detriot has to offer then someone needs to learn how to cook. The bread to the calzonne was like rubber. (no wonder they didn’t cut it in pieces for consumption). The mgr on duty Stewart “bubba” was very rude and haughty. He rufused to make another calzonne until my host returned with the old one. He also refused to deliver even though we offered to tip the driver and the cost of the food was more than the minimum delivery amount. There was no sauce or cheese much on the pizza last week although they were able to come through to redo that order. However the establishment lacks consistency, and not all the mgrs care about delivering a superior product. I ordered extra sauce on the side but received none and then the mgr called my friend a liar saying that we gave him the sauce. Why wasn’t it in the box with the calzonne ?? I guess that is too ez. Very poor attitude and though I called 3 times to try and resolve I was accused of yelling and spoken over for most of the conversations. Unfortunately it’s a roll of the dice with this joint, so don’t get your hopes up ! I won’t be back .. RMB


bread like rubber….cooked too fast….and no sauce….

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