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QQAP - Quality, Quantity, Atmosphere, Price or at least 2 out ...

It’s as easy as QQAP. A complete, top restaurant must be high in food Quality and have a reasonablel or better pricing. If it has 3 points or more these things it will be a FAVORITE of mine with Quality counting 2*


Copper Spoon Cocktails & Kitchen

 4031 Broadway
Oakland, CA

Arts Crab Shack iconic sign lives on at Coooer Spoon

Due to popular demand the 1950s neon will continue to beckon diners but to the new Copper Spoon at 40thb and Broadway,Oakland. While the Shack will be missed it will live on thru the sign and what looks to be an enticing new Americana restaurant still featuring a lot of seafood like ooached black bass,scallops,salmon hand rolls, etc. Cant wait to check it out…maybe a 5 star to come . We just lost the old Biffs UFO restaurant and so many others so nice to have Arts still woth us in this new vestige

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