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QQAP - Quality, Quantity, Atmosphere, Price or at least 2 out ...

It’s as easy as QQAP. A complete, top restaurant must be high in food Quality and have a reasonablel or better pricing. If it has 3 points or more these things it will be a FAVORITE of mine with Quality counting 2*


Copper Spoon Cocktails & Kitchen

 4031 Broadway
Oakland, CA

Arts Crab Shack iconic sign lives on at Coooer Spoon

Due to popular demand the 1950s neon will continue to beckon diners but to the new Copper Spoon at 40thb and Broadway,Oakland. While the Shack will be missed it will live on thru the sign and what looks to be an enticing new Americana restaurant still featuring a lot of seafood like ooached black bass,scallops,salmon hand rolls, etc. Cant wait to check it out…maybe a 5 star to come . We just lost the old Biffs UFO restaurant and so many others so nice to have Arts still woth us in this new vestige


Kamdesh Afghan Kabob House

 346 14th St
Oakland, CA

Prototypic Hole in the Wall, Great food, Ambience maybe not

Surprisingly good low-cost meal at this little hideaway gem. Vegetarian eggplant best. Actually the ambience isn’t that bad, ieither..a cozy little corner cafe that looks like it’s been around a lon gtime…perhaps previously a chinese restaurant..Maybe 10 tables but great Afghan food, great , friendly service and very low ccost.What more can you ask for? http://yellowpagescoupons./blogspot.com


Large portion of sauteed eggplant with spices and perhaps spinach.They assured me its vegetarian if not vegan..Large side of some very good Afgan rise, which I found to be better than your standard rice -more like pasta


Waterfront Pizza

 969 Edgewater Blvd
Foster City, CA


Definitely between a 4 and 5 star… Though haven’t tried pizza whiich I hear is good, the mediterranean food was excellent and pretty low cost.We had the falafel wrap and hummus. The wrap was large and unique… a true taste treat with lots of stuff inside . The hummus was silky smooth perhaps with a bit of sesame seed oil or something to give it that extra good taste, came with a half package of good pita pread… Nice ambience, too, right on the water…probably the best mediterranean and perhaps nicest restaurant in the local area…Coupons coming soon…check out https://www.facebook.com/EdgewaterPlaceShoppingCenter?ref=hl

after mid December for discounts at Waterfront and more in the area and Bay area or go to http://BayAreaCoupons.info

Falafel wrap

as abovve



 3647 Mt Diablo Blvd
Lafayette, CA


I’ve been looking for a falafel sandwhich like the oneos I used to have at Jason’s in Westwood I believe it was while attending UCLA… with lots of filling, ie tomatoes, onions cucumbers, pickles, tahini and of course falafel balls in a large half pita shell… Well, this is the closest I’ve found here at Kabab Burger, lafayette… But you know what I discovered that’s even better? The Kabab Burger itslef,… hand ground combo of lamb and beef grilled to perfection and topped with lots of onions, lettuce , tomatoe and dressing, Better than a hamburger… then there’s the Schwarma sandwhich, also excellent and I think they have the best Baba Genouch around . It’s getting pretty busy now so finally the little place next to Trader Joes has stuck… truly another little hidden gem, but not so hidden anymore I’m afraid…

Kabab Burger

Nothing like it… The Kabab Burger itslef,… hand ground combo of lamb and beef grilled to perfection and topped with lots of onions, lettuce , tomatoe and dressing, Better than a hamburger… Has much the generous same consistency of ingredients as the falafel sandwich only on a bun and not falafel… If you like burgers you’ll love this…


3 Thai

 1600 Contra Costa Blvd
Pleasant Hill, CA

4 Stars for 3 Thai

Sometimes the Entertainment book actually has some ‘sleepers’.. came up with two thai restaurants last night as last year’s book expired. First reviewed Champa Garden in Oakland. Equally good but perhaps without the ‘third world charm’ of the neighborhood. However, perhaps the food was even better here, with both dishes 4 stars, the eggplant dish and the meat dish. Sorry for losing the names but I don’t hink you can go wrong here on most anything. Really didn’t expect much from this chain-looking restaurant

Egglant saute

Exquisite. Chunks of well seasoned eqgplant with onions, chili mushrooms and different meats


Champa Garden

 2102 8th Avenue
Oakland, CA

Hidden Gem in Oakland - Quality, Quantity, Price, Ambience

Tucked away in what you might call a third world neibhborhood of Oakland, although a friendly, safer one, you will find Champa Garden. A true hidden gem, this Laotian/Thai little restaurant offers everything – great food, ambience, service and price. The only reason not even more stars is that we need to go at least twice to give full appraisal. The larb salad was outstanding, 5*. the noodle bish ball soup not so much but had it vegetarian… Will try more dishes next time…


The best… minced meat and vegies with fresh lettuce and cilantro to wrap it in…


The Alley

 3325 Grand Ave
Oakland, CA


There’s nothing like this anywhere. God bless Rod
Dibble for hanging in all these years (50-count-em) as piano bar player. The Alley only survives because it’s still -technically – run by the family (niece of the significant ofther’, a ccording to nice lady bartender, tonight, who’s been there longer than anyone other than Rod). The food is very good and cheap (full steak dinners for $11), the ambience great and the music fantastic. If it weren’t for the original family ownership, or, sort of, the health inspectors would have condemned the place long ago. Yellow business cards, f;lyers and such cover the walls as they have been for decades. Nothing has changed since, maybe 1963, when Rod began his run, or thereabouts… and that’s what the customers like. When they tried to remodel some years back the regulars said ‘no’ and thats’ where we’re at… Nothing like it sure. But enjoy it now as who knows how longit can go on- hopefully a lot longer. Some would call this a dive bar. I call it one-off classic!

steak dinner

Where else can you get a complete steak dinner for $11? Not to mention the ambience – rod Dibble tinkling the ivoeries., nostalgia -covered walls, etc.


Pagarung Thai Cuisine

 6200 Antioch St
Oakland, CA

Standout Dish, Mediocre Restaurant

I’ve been to Pagarung many times as Dad lives nearby in the bucoloic Montclair Vilage in the Oakland hills. Limited Thai menu but finally found THE DISH! I knew there was something other than Basil Chicken and I found it on the Lunch Menu! (They let me order it for dinner, And, it wouldl be… drum roll…. SPICY CHICKEN NOODLES! a GOOD 4 1/2 STAR DISH made with wide, rice noodles, cabbage, chicken and a nice light chili sauce ; it’s not that spicy. Other dishes are good but not standout. This one reminds me of Chinese Chow Fun and but the cabbage and light slightly sweet shili lightens up the dish so you don’t walk away bloated like we used to do at Lok Goon in the old days of Oakland Chinatown. Enjoy!

spicy chicken noodles

4 1/2 stars but since they don’t have that I’ll move it up to 5! See above review


Great China Restaurant

 2115 Kittredge St
Berkeley, CA

Chinese Like it Used To Be

I don’t give out 5 stars easily but Great China was a revelation. Didn’t expect much last nite when I went here for a little meeting with someone. Looked pretty nondescript on outside but turned out to be the best Chinese restaurant I’ve been to in years. Reminded of the old days at Chow Tan in Berkeley or any number of others, when they gave good portions with quality ingredients at very reasonable prices. And, we’re talking basic Cantonese Chinese food here. From the moment we were directed to the – yes, waiting room! – where we were given free and large portions of fabulous General’s Chicken, I knew I was going to like. er, love this place… Yes, there was a wait, but who cares when they give you free food and are as friendly as can be. No wonder this place is packed.
We were escorted into an old-fashioned deco-like, split-level room withmostly Chinese students ( a good sign). The smell alone was outstanding… not the smelll of old grease but flavors of whatever magic ingredients they use, all seemingly fresh. The food? Well, we had to have more of the General’s chicken… what can i say about these sauteed, orange-colored nuggets of goodness. the other dish was green beans with shrimp. Well , they forgot the shrimp, but frankly I think it tasted better without the shirmp, which they added in later… Green beans never tasted so good… And the chinese family who ran the place couldn’t have been nicer. Don’t know how long they’ve owned it – the restaurant has heen around a long time… And the price, including drinks was around $301 Can’t beat it. Can’t wait to go back and try the other dishes. A RARE find… which is surprising that I’d never heard of this place. You can have your frendy restaurants. I’ll take Great China any day!


Kwikway Chicken

 6225 International Blvd
Oakland, CA

The Kwikway Lives in East Oakland

When my favorite fast food restaurant closed on Lake Park in Oakland two years ago I said goodbye to the good old non-trendy restaurants. Afterall, we had lost Biff’s , Daves, The Hofbrau in just the past few years . There were three Kwikways, all built around 1960. The sauce on the hamburgers is a tangy blend of onion, chili, tomato, onion you won’t find anywhere else. I even froze some burgers for posterity when I knew Lake Park was closing its doors (see OldiesCountry.com for full story) …
But, lo and behold , happening by 62nd and International Blvd after an A;s game we ran into the familiar ‘lightning’ logo.
Despite its very bad (as in dangerous) location, I had to try it to see if it was still the same. Actually , its called Kwikway chicken now but I’ve always gone for the burgers.
And, yes, it’s still the same, though you don’t want to go there in the evening and take along a friend or two…
This is five star terriory – Qiuality, price, even ambience (*in a strange way, though it appears the front facade has been remodeled , but the big logo sign is fantastic…


The r eceipe is unchanged in 50 years. who would have thought the worse location would have outlasted the others… but go for the burgers or even the chicken . Where else can you get a double burger for 99c – and not just a McDonalds burger with mustard and catchup but an ’Oakland ’ burger with spice ! One of a kind for sure… The Lake Park location is being restored architecturally, from what we hear, though the food there will be different. So, long live the last remaining Kwikway at 62nd and International, Oakland!

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