Church's Chicken

 5129 E Washington St
Indianapolis, IN

Last time I will ever go there

I went to Church’s last night to get supper for my husband and I. It was the last time that I will ever go there. My order was 2 piece white chicken, large mashed potatoes with extra gravey, large cole slaw, 3 biscuts, and an apple pie. My large potatoes consisted of 3 scoops of potatoes, which only filled the container half way up. I have in the past gone to Church’s and as for extra gravey, I had always been given a small container with gravey, at a cost of around 50 cents. Not last night, what I got was an extra scoop on the potatoes, which was a total of two scoops. When I want gravey, I want enough to know that I have gravey. I asked the server, why I couldn’t get gravey on the side, and was told that if I did it would cost me the same as a side order ($1.39). Also, cole slaw, I thought, was more than shreaded cabbage with carrots. It was so dry that my husband didn’t even like it, and he’s a big slaw lover. Oh, we did get a full container of that. From now on we will be going to KFC or Popeye’s. The servers were very nasty, when asked about the quanity. If I had not already paid for my order, I would have walked out, and gone somewhere else.

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