Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty Wharfside

 1144 Canal Dr
Point Pleasant, NJ

Don't waste your time

I’ve been eating at Jack Bake’s Wharfside and the Lobster Shanty since I was in diapers. They have seriously gone down hill over the past few years. The seafood used to be fresh and flavorful, now it is cold and bland. The menu is way overpriced. We typically have slow service but I think I always put up with it because I was nostalgic for the place. However, this summer I officially had my last visit to the Wharfside – the server spilled an entire bowl of mussels in marinara sauce on me – and then he charged me for the dish! I was sitting on the end of the booth, covered in marinara, and then they expected me to pay for it?!?! The server didn’t apologize and a manager never came over to see if they could help the situation. I will not continue to waste my money at this place.

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