University Cafe

 271 University Ave
Palo Alto, CA

This place is really really bad

University Cafe gets my award for worst meal of the last couple years, with much of it being largely inedible. My girlfriend’s veggie omelet was overcooked to the point of being hard, chewy and brown. It also came with a side of potatoes that were flavorless and mushy. The tea had an off flavor. We both ordered a side of toast and jam which was hard and cold. My main entree was the turkey sandwich with avocado and cheese. I love decent deli meat, but the turkey on this sandwich was of such low quality that I scraped the entire portion off my sandwich after a couple bites and ended up eating just the cheese, avocado and bread. Not that the cheese was good (in fact it was quite flavorless), but at least it was edible.

Honestly, I would avoid this place at all costs. The atmosphere is nice, but the food quality is so bad this place deserves to be shut down. Especially considering all the other decent food within a couple blocks.

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