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Never excuse, never explain, never complain.

I played rugby and golf and I’m really into both. I don’t mind it here for the most part and I get to fly planes pretty much whenever I want so that’s pretty awesome.


California Pizza Kitchen

 524 Van Ness Ave
San Francisco, CA

First Visit

Another one of those places I take my three year old son in a pinch. A big enough menu of “Americanized” Italian food. I like the grilled vegetable salad with chicken which I order 90% of the time. There pizzas are okay if you don’t mind stepping outside of the box for traditional pizzas. I think the pizzas improve if you order them on the thin crust rather than CPH’s normal dough…they still are just okay, but better than the regular crust they use.

I give the CPK in Brentwood four stars which is probably one star too much…but, I did so because the service when you sit at the counter is damn good. There is a waiter named Scott who mans the take out orders and the patrons at the counter, he has been a staple at this location for over 20 years. Scott always remembers your name, what you like to eat and drink. He is certainly an asset to this place.

Thai Chicken - Thai Chicken at California Pizza Kitchen

Thai Chicken

First visit glass of red wine, Mojito and fish tacos,(love them) don’t have in Nashville.

Nice mood for a chilled Cali winter, The fish tacos were good had to scrape the crap off the top, I’m a meat Man just love to taste my food. The mixture of bean and salsa dip was aw-some.

My Hats off to the Heat lamps I mean my beanie off to them .
Come with me….. Sitting there with a beautiful lady, drinking wine, eating fish (favorite) and taking your beanie off and the heat from the gas lamp on my sexy bald head.

oooooh.oooh! this feels so good and relaxing. It feels like a pretty lady massaging your head while you eat what a sexy way to eat tacos (now fix me my tacos) ..(Scene from movie Baby Boy after sex) ..never mind

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