Goodfellas Pizza

 324 Main St
Lodi, NJ

Dont Get it

Almost 4 months after my very positive review this happens.just ordered 2 pies,1 plain & other with 1 topping,pies are supposed to be 10 dollars each,so that’s 20.add what 2.50-3.00 for the 1 topping on the one pie 23.00 the delivery guy could Not be any ruder snaps in broken English sign the paper,i ask how much,so I could tip,snaps sign the paper,the total was unexpected 28.33,i went to ask him why,he walks away……I could easily stop ordering,we order quite often since they opened……Not pleased with this service!

large pizza

the pizza again very good,the delivery service was Not Good at all,bill didn’t seem right,delivery guy was standoffish and rude.Not a Good way to keep customers,or get tips.

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