The Old Time Vincent's Seafood & Italian Restaurant

 159-13 Cross Bay Blvd
Howard Beach, NY

Best Italian Food I have ever had

Vincents Clam Bar is a Italian restaurant located in Howard Beach NY it is the one and only location and is not affiliated with any other Vincents. They have over 20 homemade sauces but there best in my opinion in my mind is the Sweet, Medium, and Hot sauce. I have been eating here since i was a little kid and i have never been disappointed in the food.They are a casual sit down or take out restaurant there is no need to get dressed up to go there. There is a very strong sense of family in this restaurant being that they are family owned and operated and they pride themselves on makes you feel like one of the family. The wait staff is also very helpful in any question or request that you may have. If you have the time take a ride there they are open 7 days a week from 11 to 11 every day and have a full menu to stay,to go, a lunch in menu, and also a early bird special Monday to Thursday. They have something for everyone from Chicken to Fish.


This is the best Calamari i have ever had it is tender and golden brown if ordered fried.You also can get it Steamed for those of us who like the healthier choice. It is excellent in there sweet sauce if you don’t like spice and if you do like spice try it in there hot sauce you wont be disappointed. 10.95 is for a regular portion they also have a large plate for 15.95.


There Scungilli is the most tender you are going to find it is cooked all day on a slow heat and is made fresh every day. There is no comparing this to any other Scungilli i have ever had in my life.

Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana

They give you a very large Chicken Cutlet which is breaded and then fried and served with your choice of pasta, and your choice of there sauce .

Veal Cutlet Parmigiana

This is served the same way as there Chicken Cutlet just made with veal instead of chicken

Baked Clams

There Baked Clams are to die for there are kept whole and filled with there homemade seasoned bread crumb and baked in white wine, lemon, and butter sauce until golden browned they also sell them by half dozen for 6.95


This is a classic Italian dish that is stuff with chopped up meat, ricotta cheese , there sauce and baked with mozzarella on top. They give you a large portion that will leave you stuffed

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