Dunkin' Donuts

 3336 Del Prado Blvd S
Cape Coral, FL

How dificult can this be?

How difficult can this be? Getting a cup of coffee the way you want it? My wife stops for an Iced Coffee every morning on her way to work and on weekends too. It is amazing how they can mess up a simple order like a cup of coffee. This isn’t Thanksgiving Dinner….it’s a cup of coffee! They look at you but don’t listen. When we place our order they put in the wrong ingredients or it is missing ingredients….Is it because they don’t listen or they prepare it wrong because they don’t care?
Their training must be non-existent! When we fill out the survey form on the receipt we ask that we be contacted. Oops! They forget to do that too. Apparently their management and customer service department cares as little about us as the individual working there.
After experiencing this at 3 different locations here in Cape Coral, we think maybe it’s time we find another source for our coffee. OH…and don’t order a jelly donut and expect ti find jelly inside…seems like they cut back there too.

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And this of course was for the locations in and around Cape Coral Florida….but other locations have fared as miserably as these.

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