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 2213 N Dr Martin Luther King Dr
Milwaukee, WI

Southern Style Dishes with a twist

We’d heard some mixed reviews about Paje – really great food, but a very slow, inexperienced wait staff. While the food menu looks very interesting, my rating for their restaurant is totally based on service…

I visited on Saturday, Jan 19, 2012 with a group of 8 diners. Reservations had been made over a week ago for 6:30pm. At least 6 of us had arrived by that time. They did not start putting our tables together until about 6:45pm – even though the tables had emptied. We didn’t mind as we were congregating at the bar, meeting one another and talking.

While the servers and bartenders were very polite, they seemed to walk slowly and often walked to the back area carrying nothing and returning with nothing. (huh??)

It takes over 15 minutes to get a drink at the bar… even if no one else is around. One time, the bartender was out of wine glasses and it took over 15 min before he returned with one. One, not more.

Once seated at our table, it wasn’t until 7:30pm when someone came to ask if we wanted something to drink. We asked for menus and several ordered drinks and water. 10 minutes later, a server brought 3 glasses of water at a time. Drinks came much later – a few at a time.

It was around 7:45pm when we ordered 8 entrees and 3 appetizers. Around 8:30pm, the first of the entrees started arriving. One or two plates at a time – with 10-15 minutes before the next 1 or 2 arrived. At 8:30pm, there were two of us who had not received our dinners. They brought one and then the server came to me and said “there aren’t any more pork chops. Would you like to order a substitute?” I started laughing and said “no, thank you. I’ll just stop somewhere on the way home and get something.”

A few minutes later, our appetizers started to arrive. But only one…. They told us they were out of portabellos – would we like to order a different appetizer?? (Seriously!)

While the decor inside Paje is totally awesome, the service is so poorly managed that one wonders how they’ve stayed open all this time.

This is WHERE my Pork Chop entree would have been - but never arrived after 1 hour of waiting. - Pork Chops at Paje

Pork Chops

I ordered the Pork Chop, seared and served over hashed browned potatoes, plus a side of Spinach with Parmesan Cheese.

An hour later, the server told me they were out of Pork Chops. I did not re-order anything.

My rating on the dish is based on how I thought it might taste after hearing my fellow diners comment on their entrees: some “good”, some “too dry”, some “it’s not cajun shrimp”, one “it has a weird taste”, and one “I really like this”.

If they can POSSIBLY get someone in there to properly manage and light a fire under their staff, it could turn into a wonderful gem of a restaurant. Sadly, it doesn’t look like that will happen…

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